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Were here and were there with
convenient service for you!
Our garment cleaning assistance goes far beyond the
prompt free pickup and delivery service.
Bush Drycleaners and Laundry is retained daily
by many thousands of people throughout the Siouxland region.
Take a look at our'' HERE & THERE ''
Bush Cleaners providing Drycleaning and Laundry convenience
for busy people EVERYWHERE.
Free Pick-up and Delivery
Serving your home or workplace.
Call Bush and setup a schedule that suits you.

We Are Open '6' Days Weekly

Monday thru Friday
7:00 am - 6:00 pm
8:00 am - 1:00 pm
✝ Closed on Sunday ✝

Pickup & Delivery
(712) 276-3412

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*An Important Point*
Bush provides 'FREE' Pickup and Delivery
That's the easiest way to acquire professional Dry Cleaning and Laundering services.

The Green Cleaning Process at Bush Cleaners is environmentally friendly.
Several years ago, Bush Drycleaners replaced the old outmoded dry cleaning systems with updated and modern green cleaning.
The Green Cleaning process at Bush is environmentally friendly and is very kind to your clothing!
At Bush all of our cleaning processes are administered by trained industry professionals.
Your delicate fabrics are safe with Bush Cleaners TLC.
The cleaning team at Bush provides knowledgable care for fabrics of all types.
Because of their expertise and efficiency less time is required to process each cleaning order.
That time saved provides a lower cleaning cost for you!
Bush professional drycleaning is an assurance of a bonus savings for you. That's because your garments are receiving...
gentle life preserving Green Drycleaning Care.

Bush Laundry Services

Save Time & Money

Bush Cleaners offers FREE pick-up and delivery for any two lbs. of laundry. They will give it their TLC washing process.
BUSH will wash it, dry it, fold it, wrap it, and deliver it back at... No Extra Charge!

All of this convenience for only $3.30/lb.

Consider for a moment the cost of water, detergent, bleach, gasoline, wear and tear on your home laundry equipment plus... time and energy expended. The complete laundry services at Bush represent intelligent savings for busy, thrifty household managers.

Send your laundry out with your items for dry cleaning.
Bush will do it all and deliver it back to you for no extra charge!
Total time saving convenience is yours. Call today and have us set up a regular pickup/delivery schedule for you.
Tel: 712 276-3412